After a year of Tiger Kings and Queen’s Gambits, Netflix is closing out 2020 with the hottest show to date: Bridgerton. Hot is an understatement, as the series, based on the Julia Quinn romance novel The Duke & I, gets quite steamy by the midway point. Episode 5 had a nearly ten-minute sex scene. Episode 6 sees newlywed couple Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor) and Simon Basset (Regé-Jean Page) doing it all over the house and the garden. But fans clearly would be fanning themselves over Page alone. These tweets about Simon Basset in Bridgerton are some of the thirstiest Netflix has generated since Geralt took a bath in The Witcher.

The key to Bridgerton‘s love story is that Daphne doesn’t just fall for the richest guy around. He’s 1813’s Sexiest Man Unwed. Whether it’s riding a horse, preparing for a duel, or simply lounging in a chair, Simon exudes sex appeal. And that’s not taking into account his boxing hobby, which seems to require taking off his shirt with alarming regularity when he’s not gratuitously rolling up his sleeves.

The women of society are utterly jealous when Daphne snatches Simon off the market and marries him in haste. Thankfully, the viewers on Twitter are 100% with her to snatch that man up immediately.

Some people were with Daphne as she fell all over herself around Simon. There was plenty of Simon thirst for everyone between the scene where Simon licked a spoon to his sleeve rolling prowess.

But other viewers took the view of those like the Featheringtons or the Cowpers. It should have been them Simon went home with. And can you blame them? Did you see the way that man licked a spoon?

But as hot as Simon might be physically, it was his actions and words that sealed the deal for everyone. After all, who wouldn’t want a man who made this speech about them to the Queen of England?

It’s not much of a surprise that Netflix fantasy fans were left with one question.

Netflix, get on this crossover, pronto.

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