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Anton Du Beke slams Strictly leaks as he sets record straight on Tony

Nov 17, 2022

Anton Du Beke says during his show he gets audience to text him

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Anton Du Beke, 56, spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk at the TV Choice Awards on Monday where Strictly Come Dancing won the Best Talent Show award. The professional dancer warned those leaking Strictly exits to “please stop” and said it’s a big “shame” for the show and viewers alike. 

Strictly Come Dancing contestants are entering week nine on Saturday without fan-favourite Tony Adams, 56. 

The former footballer suffered an injury while dancing his “energetic” jive on Saturday and chose to exit the competition without taking part in the dance-off on Sunday. 

However, Tony’s exit was leaked online long before the episode aired on Sunday evening, leaving fans, and Strictly stars, devastated. 

Anton told Express at the TV Choice Awards that it was “a shame”. 

He exclaimed: “I don’t know who’s doing that and I wish they’d stop. 

“It’s no good for anyone.”

He pleaded: “Please stop.”

Once Tony’s exit was confirmed by presenter Tess Daly on the show, countless viewers declared the show was “fixed”. 

Furthermore, those that avoided or chose to ignore the spoilers felt cheated as they watched the entire results show to find out there would be no dance-off. 

Anton argued that Tony would not have decided to bow out of the competition straight after his routine on Saturday evening.

He explained: “He wouldn’t have made the decision immediately. 

“He probably would’ve done a warm-up to get going and decided he couldn’t make it through the number.”

While Anton admitted he didn’t know what type of injury Tony had sustained, the footballer’s jive was “very energetic” and difficult to begin with. 

He continued: “He had a lot to get through so if he had pulled a hamstring he wouldn’t have been able to do it. It’s very difficult.”

Tony spoke out about his exit on Instagram, adding a photo of him being hoisted onto the shoulders of his competitors for his last round on the Strictly floor. 

He wrote: “There comes a point when you can no longer ignore medical advice, and very sadly my point came tonight. 

“I’m sorry I couldn’t dance off against my beautiful friend Tyler West but thank you. 

“I will miss you all – an exceptionally kind cast and crew. 

“And just, well I have no words for Katya Jones . She is my absolute rock, queen, nemesis, HERO. I love her to bits. Keep dancing.”

The show returns to Blackpool this week for the first time since 2019, which Anton is already “so excited” for. 

Strictly Come Dancing continues on Saturday at 7:45pm.

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