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Are 'Stranger Things' Stars Joe Keery and Maya Hawke Dating In Real-Life?

Jul 6, 2019

Stranger Things happens to be one of the shows that has a cast who love each other more than fans do.

Working closely together for almost three years has created bonds that are a lot stronger than most people would think.

Aside from the lifelong friendships that have been established, a few romantic relationships have even come out of the show.

Since the show’s heartthrob Joe Keery and newcomer Maya Hawke have an obvious on-screen connection, does that mean another Stranger Things relationship is currently in the making?

Joe Keery has been dating his girlfriend, Maika Monroe, since 2017

Ever since Stranger Things was first introduced to us back in 2016, many of us have loved the idea of possible romances being seen off-screen.

So far, Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton, who play Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byer on the show, have developed a real-life relationship off-screen and many have been hoping for another possible romance between the other co-stars.

Two of the cast members fans want to see have a real-life romance are Joe Keery and Maya Hawke.

Keery plays Steve Harrington, former boyfriend of Nancy Wheeler and “guardian” of all of the younger kids.

With Steve not being given a love interest since his relationship with Nancy ended, fans have been shipping him and his ice cream shop co-worker, Robin, played by Maya Hawke.

Though the thought of another relationship coming out of the show is something many of us are looking forward to, that sadly isn’t going to happen with Keery and Hawke.

Joe Keery is currently in a committed relationship with his girlfriend of two years, Maika Monroe.

The actor met his leading lady back in April 2017 on the set of the comedy-drama After Everything, which premiered in 2018.

Monroe is most known for her work in horror films, having starred in movies such as At Any Price, The Guest and It Follows.

Keery and Monroe made their red carpet debut during the season two premiere for Stranger Things in October 2017.

Maya Hawke is head over heels for her boyfriend, Gus Wenner

Not only is Joe Keery off the market, but Maya Hawke is also in a committed relationship.

The actress and Stranger Things newcomer happens to be in a romantic relationship with the heir to Rolling Stone magazine fortune Gus Wenner.

Wenner is currently the president and COO of the Wenner Media division and has taken over the iconic magazine company after his father and Rolling Stones founder, Jann Wenner.

Though the couple hasn’t revealed how long they have been dating, they are pretty open about their love life on social media and aren’t afraid to showcase their relationship.


No other information surrounding the couple’s relationship has been revealed.

However, from the couple’s Instagram accounts, Maya Hawke and Gus Wenner couldn’t be any happier together.

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