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Armie Hammer is still in rehab, where hes thriving & he doesnt want to leave

Oct 18, 2021

Armie Hammer was clearly always a strange man and one could argue that many people always felt there was something “off” about him. We later learned that he was screwing around on his wife a lot in the final years of their marriage, and those “affairs” were full of drugs, violence, sadomasochism, manipulation, financial abuse, physical abuse and emotional abuse. Oh and he’s a cannibal. Throughout 2021, the stories just kept getting worse and worse. Professionally, he became so toxic that even his agent, manager and publicist dropped him as a client. Finally in June of this year, Armie checked into rehab. He’s apparently still in a treatment center, only he called up TMZ to give them an update.

It’s been nearly 6 months since Armie Hammer checked himself into a treatment center — and the actor remains there — committed to spending as long as it takes to get better. Sources close to Hammer tell us he’s “thriving” in the Florida facility, those around him feel he’s changed (for the better) from when he arrived and you can hear the difference in his voice.

Not only that, we’re told Armie has kept in constant contact with his kids and loved ones — FaceTiming with them regularly and sharing his progress.

Our sources say there’s still no exact timeline for when he’ll complete treatment, but he’s willing to do whatever it takes. We’re told the “Call Me By Your Name” star understands he was in an incredibly dangerous place before treatment and doesn’t want to backslide.

As for a report that he was recently “replaced” by Noah Reid in Broadway’s “The Minutes” … we’re told Armie was never officially signed on for that gig. Sources with direct knowledge tell us Armie had verbal talks for the role pre-pandemic, but they were only talks.

It was back in May when Armie checked into rehab for drug, alcohol and sex addiction treatment. The move came after several months of women leveling sexual abuse allegations against the actor.

[From TMZ]

What in the white male privilege? Why? Why are we getting this update? Why is Armie doing check-ins with TMZ aka Toxic Male Zone? I assume that Hammer will eventually attempt some kind of comeback and he’ll position himself as merely an addict who had gotten out of control and had thankfully gotten help. But… I’m not feeling it. He should not expect to get out of rehab and for everyone to welcome him back with open arms. Plus, I’m kind of wondering if he even wants to get out of rehab – some people just like the controlled environment and they worry that they’ll back slide as soon as they get out. And Armie would be a prime candidate for back-sliding. Also, as long as he’s in rehab, he doesn’t have to deal with all of his legal issues and the dude has a lot of legal issues.

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