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Barstool Sports Founder Dave Portnoy Denies Serious Allegations of Violent Sex Acts

Nov 5, 2021

When debunking the accusations that he is a ‘sexual deviant,’ the digital media company president explains that he didn’t do ‘anything remotely non-consensual’ and says that he’s ‘scared’ of cancel culture.

AceShowbizDave Portnoy has responded after being accused of violent sex acts. The Barstool Sports founder has released a video on his social media platform to deny the “serious allegations” that he’s a “sexual deviant.”

On Thursday, November 4, the digital media company president posted a 10-minute video response via Twitter in which he denied that he has done “anything remotely non-consensual” after being accused by two women as per Business Insider report. While debunking the claim, he said that he was the victim of an eight-month “witch hunt.”

“People f**king hate me because I interviewed [Donald Trump] or I go on Tucker Carlson,” Dave explained. He added, “The woke cancel culture wants to cancel me. This is the next escalation and they’re like oh he wrote a rape joke in 2010 which I wouldn’t do now.”

Dave elaborated further, “He made a video at a porn convention, he must be a rapist and let’s just dig up every rock and I’m scared now.” He said, “I’m scared because they’re asking for more. They’re asking the internet, ‘tell us bad stories about Dave Portnoy.’ Well guess what? A lot of f**king people hate me.”

Dave went on to call the Business Insider article a “hit piece.” He said it included “serious allegations painting me really as a sexual deviant.” He also claimed that the journalist who wrote the piece was working to “fulfill the narrative she had already decided on before she had ever started this article.”

“I know cancel culture has been coming for me for a decade,” Dave stated. He continued, “This is just the next iteration but she knew what she wanted to write and she was going to find the narrative to fit it from day one.”

Dave denied the alleged encounter, stating that he had “absolutely zero idea of who we are talking about” when he initially read the report. However, he recalled having sex with a young woman who slept on his couch in July 2020 as saying, “I liked her, I thought she was very attractive, pretty, stunning and engaging girl so that’s why she came.”

“She came, she flew, we did have pizza, hung out, hooked up — at no point during it, no point, was it not 100 percent consensual. At no point did she ask me to stop. At no point did either of us think something unseemly happened,” Dave continued. “There was no weirdness after, it was a totally fine, normal interaction. Sexual 100 percent consensual.”

Of the sexual abuse claims, the woman, identified under the moniker Madison, said that she connected with Dave on social media when she was 20 and they developed a rapport before he bought her a ticket to visit him at his home in Nantucket in July 2020. She said that during her visit, they had sex, which she described as “rough” and “painful” in text messages to an unnamed friend obtained by the publication.

One text message read, “It was so rough I felt like I was being raped he videotaped me and spit in my mouth and choked me so hard I couldn’t breathe.” Madison went on to say, “And it hurt and I was literally screaming in pain. It was so painful. I kept trying to get away and he was like, ‘Stop running away from me. Stop running away from me.’ “

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