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BBC 'broke its own rules' after Russell T. Davies's Baftas rant

Aug 10, 2022

EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: BBC ‘broke its own rules’ after Russell T. Davies’s Baftas rant

He’s inked in to write the 60th anniversary series of Doctor Who, but Russell T. Davies is already generating headlines for the BBC — though not perhaps quite in the way the Corporation desires.

Indeed, I can reveal that the BBC has conceded it broke its own rules governing political impartiality when it screened Davies’s latest anti-Tory rant. Speaking at the Baftas in May, at which his Channel 4 series It’s A Sin was nominated for several awards, Davies said it ‘was made on a channel that the Government’s going to sell off’.

Added Davies, who appeared on the red carpet alongside Ncuti Gatwa, newly announced as the 14th Doctor Who: ‘They’re also planning to get rid of the BBC licence fee, so if you like shows like this — go and vote differently, that’s what I say.’

Russel T Davies, pictured with Ncuti Gatwa, who has been lined up as the 14th Doctor Who, made a highly political speech while at the BAFTA awards in May

A viewer who witnessed the rant complained to the BBC claiming the corporation had failed in its impartiality requirement by failing to offer a counter view to Davies’s anti-government rant

His comments, screened in a report on the BBC News Channel, prompted a viewer to complain that they had not been ‘put into proper context’ and were, therefore, in breach of the BBC’s commitment to impartiality.

More from Richard Eden for The Daily Mail…

The BBC’s own review, now published, agrees. ‘The strong political view it included was not balanced by any reflection of Government policy during the news channel’s coverage of the Baftas that evening,’ it acknowledges, ‘and was therefore in breach of the BBC’s requirement to show impartiality on politically controversial matters.’

Davies’s views cannot have come as a surprise to BBC staff. Last year, he called Nadine Dorries, newly appointed as Culture Secretary, a ‘f***ing idiot’ after she accused the BBC of being both nepotistic and lacking in impartiality.

At the time, Davies, 59, was defended by Piers Wenger, then BBC Director of Drama, who emphasised Davies’s status as a freelancer, arguing that this meant he was ‘not governed by the same rules as staff members around impartiality’.

That defence could not be used for Davies’s Baftas outburst because his remarks were included in a news report.

Nicola’s VERY touching moment with Sean

A bucket of cold water, please, for actress Nicola Walker who appears smitten by the manly charms of Sean Bean — her on-screen husband in upcoming BBC One drama Marriage.

Asked what was her best moment during filming, the Spooks and Unforgotten actress (pictured with Bean) swoons: ‘Applying cream to Sean Bean’s thigh area. Ian [his screen character] has a nasty rash and it’s a beautiful moment. That was a tremendous day in my professional career.’

Let’s hope Nicola’s real-life husband, actor Barnaby Kay, approves…

A bucket of cold water, please, for actress Nicola Walker who appears smitten by the manly charms of Sean Bean — her on-screen husband in upcoming BBC One drama Marriage

Canine-loving Charles and Camilla be warned… the Prince’s Foundation is hosting a Fun Dog Show at its Scottish headquarters today with a prize for the Dog Which Looks Most Like Its Owner.

The event at Dumfries House in Ayrshire will feature a special performance from Crufts winner Heather Smith and The Dancing Dogs. It’s not clear if Camilla’s two pooches, Bluebell and Beth, whom she adopted from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, will take part.

Gold’s very small fortune 

His London nightclub Tramp became a second home for royals, Hollywood actors and stars and the very rich, but Johnny Gold did not leave a fortune in his will.

Newly published probate documents reveal that Gold, who died last October aged 89, left an estate of just over £62,000. The money will go to his children, Nick and Claire, as his wife, the Sixties model Jan De Souza, died in June aged 80, following a battle with cancer.

Nick said his mother had struggled to cope with the death of his father, adding: ‘Life without her soulmate and partner was too much. Now they can be together for eternity.’

Johnny Gold, pictured centre right with his wife Jan and children Nick and Claire left an estate valued at just over £62,000 at the time of his death last October

Harry’s pal banks on Blunt talking

Prince Harry’s chum Arthur Landon, who was with him on that infamous 2012 trip to Las Vegas when the Duke of Sussex was photographed naked in a hotel room, is pinning his hopes on another former soldier.

I hear that Arthur, son of late Brigadier Tim Landon, is producing a documentary about You’re Beautiful pop singer James Blunt, 48, a former captain in The Life Guards.

The film from director Chris Atkins is billed as a ‘brutally honest story of a painfully self-aware, endlessly touring musician, for whom persistence eventually prevails’.

The synopsis reads: ‘This is the story of an ageing, British popstar, still fighting for relevance some 17 years after his star momentarily twinkled.’

Perhaps Landon could later tell the story of an ageing royal still fighting for relevance after moving to California?

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