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Billy Connolly and Rod Stewart fled police after hitchhiking on motorway to football game

Nov 13, 2021

Billy Connolly says his hand is shaky during interview

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Sir Billy Connolly, 78, and Sir Rod Stewart, 76, have had a decades-long friendship. The comic recalled how the duo had hitchhiked on the motorway to get to a football game in Scotland.

The Big Yin and the Maggie May singer had legged it from police after the driver who picked them up was pulled over for agreeing to their plea to use the hard shoulder.

The football fans flagged down the red Mini on the M4 in Berkshire after the van they were in broke down on the way to Heathrow Airport.

But the duo was so desperate to get to make their flight to Glasgow for the game, they left the motorist to face the police after they pulled them over just outside the terminal.

In his new autobiography, Windswept & Interesting, Sir Billy said: “We were going to a football match in Scotland — Rod had invited me, and his uncle had picked us up in London and was driving us to Heathrow.

“But his van broke down somewhere around Slough, so we jumped out and tried to thumb a lift.

“Within seconds, a guy in a red Mini screeched to a halt and picked us up.

“He would soon regret his kindness, because just outside the airport there was a traffic jam, and Rod and I persuaded him to whizz us through on the hard shoulder.”

He added: “Unsurprisingly, police officers pulled him over just short of our terminal. We jumped out and scarpered to catch our plane, leaving the poor guy to fend for himself.”

The comedy legend recently released his autobiography Windswept and Interesting last month.

Billy announced his retirement from stand-up in 2018 but has continued to release documentaries and books.

He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease nine years ago and moved to Florida from New York after his doctor advised him to live in warmer climates.

Meanwhile, Rod returned to the stage during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show last night.


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The legendary crooner was joined by an array of famous faces including Lady Gaga, Nadiya Hussain, Adam Driver and Josh Gad.

Rod performed his new single One More Time on the BBC programme.

After the performance, Graham welcomed Rod to the seating area and said: “Rod Stewart, you are going to be fit as a flea, you appear to be fit as a flea, there was a lot of dancing and a lot of moves.”

Agreeing to his statement, Rod replied: “Football mate, I’ve kept myself fit forever I’ve had one trainer for 35 years, I’m going to pay him eventually.”

Speaking on the new album, Graham asked: “So that was off of this album The Tears Of Hercules, which is out today, so was this an entire lockdown project?”

Rod began: “Yeah, I guess it was, I paid more attention to it, more personal songs because you’ve got so much time to think, like everybody else’s albums coming out, I think they’re lockdown albums.”

Graham continued: “There’s a beautiful song, there’s a touchline which you dedicate to your dad and as you say personal songs. But there does seem to be a lot of the other on this album.”

Rod then interrupted and said: “Why not, sexy songs!”

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