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Camila Cabello Shares Beautiful Photos to 'Spread Some Calming and Wonder-Inspiring Vibes'

Dec 6, 2021

Camila Cabello got to reflecting on Instagram, weeks after her breakup with Shawn Mendes. The former Fifth Harmony group member shared a photo dump with her fans of beautiful scenery that she hopes inspires them.

“Sometimes, when I have moments of calm or beauty I hesitate to take pics of them for photo dumps because I wanna stay in the moment and keep it sacred and mine,” she posted on Instagram. “But I love these moments alone in nature so much… they bring me so much awe and interconnectedness.”

Cabello also said that “social media feeds can conjure up the total opposite of that,” but she was hopeful that it could inspire some of her fans.

“I hope I spread some calming and wonder-inspiring vibes and maybe a gentle reminder to take some time for yourself to enjoy our beautiful world,” she added. “To see a sunset or a sunrise, to pause to look at a beautiful flower that you’ve never seen on a street you’ve walked a million times. to hear the birds chirp, feel the cold wind on your face, and know you might be walking alone in that moment, but you’re dependent and intertwined and connected with everything that’s on this living, breathing Earth.”

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