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Camillas frustrated words to Kate as Charlotte and George had disagreement at funeral

Sep 20, 2022

Queen consort Camilla appeared to become a little frustrated by the antics of Princess Charlotte and Prince George at the Queen's funeral.

The playful interaction between the two young royals took place after Camilla and their mum Kate Middleton travelled with them to Wellington Arch by car following a sombre funeral service at Westminster Abbey on Monday.

George, nine, appeared to pinch sister Charlotte, seven, as they lined up to join the senior royals during the procession of the Queen's coffin, which was led by King Charles III, his siblings and sons Prince William and Prince Harry.

And now expert lip reader Jeremy Freeman has revealed what was said during the exchange, which was cut short by their unimpressed step-grandmother Camilla, 75.

According to the Daily Star, Charlotte quickly turned around and stared at George, who was stood next to Kate, 40, by the car, before facing forwards and saying: "Ow!"

This appeared to annoy Camilla, who frowned and pointed at Charlotte before turning to Kate and saying: "Take her."

During the exchange, Harry's wife Meghan Markle was seen tilting her head and smiling at Charlotte.

Viewers watching on live TV soon spotted the moment and pointed it out on the social media.

One tweeted: "Looks like Prince George and Princess Charlotte have a small disagreement. Look at The Queen Consort , Camilla."

Another wrote: "What did Charlotte say when she turned back around? Was it wow? Ow? Cow?"

The group then joined others to see the Queen's coffin passing under Wellington Arch, where it was placed on to the state hearse to be taken to Windsor Castle.

It was an emotionally-charged day for the group and other members of the royal family, with many displays of grief including Meghan Markle wiping away her own tears.

Body language expert Judi James told OK!: "Camilla looked sombre, edgy and nervous during the service and clearly wanted to offer silent support to her husband."

Grief-stricken Charles was visibly moved during the funeral for his beloved mother Queen Elizabeth II and looked close to tears as the national anthem filled the Westminster Abbey, while he remained silent.

Judi said: "Charles was more openly emotional.

"His eyes were reddened as he arrived at the service and he was seen dabbing his nose walking in, as well as before leaving, suggesting some shedding of tears."

The expert added: "As he walked behind the coffin his hand gestures signalled high levels of emotion and anxiety.

"His hands clenched and unclenched frequently, as well as patting the side of his leg as though trying to brace himself mentally."


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