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CFL family makes their cross-country commitment work

Jul 5, 2019

With the Edmonton Eskimos on a bye week right now, receiver Natey Adjei is with his family in Toronto.

That’s not the norm for the young family though, with Natey coming to Edmonton for the season in May; his wife Melody and three-year-old daughter Laila stay in Toronto.

Melody has a career she loves and Laila is settled in a daycare, in a tough market to get child care.

“Keeping our little girl in daycare, that’s actually been really important,” Natey said. “She’s been flying in there.”

It’s not easy on the adults. But the big concern is for a toddler to stay happy and motivated with dad on the other side of the country.

“We have like a pretty strict [schedule],” Melody said. “He can’t miss her bedtime routine, he’s always on FaceTime for that. That’s part of keeping her normalcy, or her version of normalcy.”

The couple takes comfort in the fact that this is pretty normal in the CFL, with both feeling like they have a support system of people who understand the struggle.

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