Chelsea Houska is great, right?

She’s cute, she seems like a good mom, she stays out of trouble.

And that might not be a super high bar in general, but for Teen Mom, it’s pretty incredible.

On a show that has featured a dog killer, a violent meth addict, someone who (allegedly!) chased her boyfriend around the house with a machete while he was holding their infant son …

Yep, Chelsea’s amazing.

She’s by far the most popular Teen Mom, and that’s a fact.

And that’s why it’s so surprising that something she did in this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2 is getting such negative reactions.

If you missed the episode, let’s do a quick little recap of the scene we’re talking about, OK?

In one of Chelsea’s segments, she took Aubree out for frozen yogurt and talked to her about her father, Adam Lind.

They discussed the dreaded annual father-daughter dance — remember this yearly mess?

A few years ago, Adam ditched Aubree’s dance so he could lift some weights — seriously, that’s what he told her — and Chelsea’s husband, Cole DeBoer, ended up taking her.

In the years since, Cole has always taken her and made it a very special, memorable night.

Adam, meanwhile, has been off doing whatever it is that he does these days. Who knows?

In the episode, Chelsea talked to Aubree about the idea of Adam taking her.

Aubree was excited about the possibility, though she also wanted to bring Cole.

Throughout the conversation, Aubree was eating some frozen yogurt, but Chelsea hadn’t ordered any for herself, so Aubree offered her a bite.

Chelsea refused, saying that she was “trying to be healthy,” but she did end up having some.

When she did, she made remarks like “I f-cking love cookie dough,” and “Holy f-ck.”

And that’s it. That’s the issue we’re talking about here.

Bizarre, right?

But let’s do this.

Aubree didn’t seem offended or hurt by Chelsea’s language, but Twitter sure was!

“Why is Chelsea swearing so much?” one person asked. “I swear a lot but not in front of my kids EVER. It’s tacky.”

“So much swearing in front of Aubree,” another Twitter user noted. “Not pleasant.”

One person called it “the weirdest,” and another said that it’s not “attractive.”

“I can’t keep up with Teen Mom 2,” yet another outraged fan tweeted. “I’m just learning that Chelsea casually drops F bombs around her kids (Aubree is old enough to reuse the word!) which drops her status as best mom down a bit.” 

And someone — brace yourselves — even said “I mean did she really have to drop that many F bombs in front of that child jeeez!?? I like her, but that disturbed my spirit!”

It disturbed her spirit.

Can you even imagine?

Some people don’t curse at all in front of their kids, and that’s perfectly fine.

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But some do, and that’s OK too. They’re just words, after all.

As long as Chelsea isn’t saying them in a derogatory way towards her children … is this really that big a deal?

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