Chris Evans asks KT Tunstall ‘what happened’

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Chris Evans, 54, was joined by vocalist and celebrity guest KT Tunstall, 45, on Virgin Radio’s Breakfast Show today. The Scottish-born singer and musician spoke candidly about her upcoming projects and latest single titled Together We Are Stronger.

The chart-topper, who resides in Los Angeles, began chatting with Chris before the line seemingly went dead.

The technical error came after the Other Side of the World hitmaker unexpectedly let out a loud shriek during the phone-in.

KT commented: “You’ve been playing some excellent tunes today.”

The singer then began to shriek loudly during the live broadcast, leaving Chris and his co-stars stunned.

A concerned Chris asked: “What’s the matter? What’s happened?”

For a second nothing could be heard from either the Virgin Radio host or his guest.

The Suddenly I See hitmaker then mused: “Hello? Am I still here?”

“Yes,” Chris replied. “Did something crawl up your leg… what happened?”

The radio host cheekily began to mimic KT’s shrieks but she didn’t dish any further details about what had happened.

She chuckled: “Oh no, I was just shouting that you play really good music.”

Chris went on: “I thought you were being attacked by a coyote, cougars, or the biggest rat in the world.”

The songwriter then went on and explained that she has had her fair share of encounters with rats while in the States.


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Although she hadn’t been jumped by a wild animal on-air, the singer has had some issues with her car.

“There’s a rat in the engine of my car,” KT remarked.

“I had to get it out because it was chewing everything up and making a nest out of the insulation.”

The singer, who originally hails from Edinburgh, Scotland, moved to the United States in 2012.

Following the slightly awkward blunder, Chris went on to praise his guest KT following their candid chat.

Chris said: “Thanks so much. I love you and I appreciate you.”

She replied: “I love you too.”

Chris Evans on Virgin Radio airs weekdays from 6.30am.

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