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Chris Pratt says he first met wife Katherine Schwarzenegger ‘at church’

Jul 26, 2019


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Because I’ve (bizarrely) been on the Chris Pratt-Katherine Schwarzenegger beat from the very beginning, I remember when they first got together last year, and the rumors about how they first met. While they seem like an obvious couple, it wasn’t obvious how they even had friends in common or anything like that. At the time, sources claimed Maria Shriver (Katherine’s mother) introduced them, but how would Maria have known Pratt in the first place? Well, according to Chris Pratt himself, Maria Shriver had nothing to do with it. Chris says he met Katherine in church.

Newlyweds Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger first met at a place that’s special to them both.

“We met at church! There’s a lot of kismet, a lot of connections, but that is where we met,” Pratt told Extra at the Universal Studios Hollywood opening of their new Jurassic World ride.

Pratt, 40, and Schwarzenegger, 29, were first linked together during a Father’s Day picnic in 2018. The couple frequently stepped out together after the public date and are often spotted attending church together. But while the duo is basking in the joy of their intimate wedding last month, Pratt stepped out for the opening on his own as his wife and 6-year-old son Jack, from his previous marriage to Anna Faris, had some bonding time at home.

“I’m rolling solo this evening. Katherine is at home right now, and she and Jack are tie-dying shirts,” Pratt said. “Maybe they will make me one. I hope so.”

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“We met at church! There’s a lot of kismet, a lot of connections, but that is where we met.” Huh. I take that to mean that they were first introduced at Hillsong, and from there, people were trying to put them together. Or maybe they just knew from the very first moment that the other one was THE one. I don’t know. I also think it’s slightly weird that Katherine attends Hillsong – the Shrivers and the Kennedys are all big-time Catholics, maybe the most well-known Catholic family in America. Why is Katherine a member of a non-Catholic church? I looked up the origins of Hillsong and I was shocked to find that it’s rooted in Pentecostal Christianity, with strong Evangelical influences. Huh.

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