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Danny Williams was almost dumped from Love Island before arriving

Jun 23, 2019

Love Island hopeful Danny Williams is at the centre of the latest love triangle in the villa but he was almost cut from the show.

The 21-year-old model had a disastrous moment just before heading out to the ITV2 dating show.

The hunk from Hull discovered that his passport was stolen, leading him to turn away Love Island producers as he sorted out getting a new one.

Danny could have been dumped from the show before even setting foot out of his home but kind-hearted producers gave him a couple of days to sort out his passport dilemma.

The Sun on Sunday has reported that Danny was due to jet out Majorca on May 27, so that he could prepare for his arrival in the villa.

Instead he was forced to wait for the passport office to open after the bank holiday weekend, so that he could get his hands on a new one and join the crew – three days later than planned.

A source said that "Danny was frantic when he discovered his passport was missing," and he was lucky that the producers were "very understanding and let him fly out a few days late."

Since being in the villa, Danny has become the centre of an unexpected love triangle.

He was coupled with Yewande Biala but felt there was little affection coming from her and was wondering where the relationship was heading.

This all changed when London model Arabella Chi arrived and took him on a date.

Danny felt there was a connection with the 28-year-old newbie and his date was enough to kick Yewande into action and declare her feelings for him.

Arabella has turned his head though and Danny is heading towards having to make a difficult decision, which could make-or-break his stay in the Love Island villa.

*Love Island airs all week at 9pm on ITV2.

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