“Duck Dynasty” star Kay Robertson needed medical attention after being attacked by her own dog … and the pup ripped off a piece of her lip.

Miss Kay, the family matriarch, was rushed to the hospital Tuesday after being attacked at home by her dog, Bobo … according to Phil and Jase Robertson.

Phil shared the dog attack story on their podcast, “Unashamed” … and he says he was awoken in the middle of the night by a bleeding Kay, who had a rag over her mouth as she told him she needed to get to a hospital STAT.

Phil says the dog split Kay’s top lip in two, with the gash about a quarter-inch deep. He says she was bleeding all over the place and there was a notable chunk missing.

According to the family, Miss Kay was going in for a goodnight kiss when Bobo snapped back … Bobo was already sleeping and she woke him up, and the pooch is not getting the blame.

The fam says Kay’s lip required stitches and Bobo’s already apologized.

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