Dylan Sprouse and Barbara Palvin are kind of enjoying the quarantine time, amid the pandemic.

The 27-year-old actor, who has been promoting his new movie Banana Split, spoke to ET and revealed he and Barbara are enjoying it simply because they get to spend more time together.

“It’s actually pretty nice considering that we fly around all the time throughout the world and haven’t had this much time to spend with each other in a long time,” he shared.

Dylan also revealed exactly what the two are doing while in quarantine to Cosmopolitan.

“The new Animal Crossing came out, so we’re playing a lot of Crossing and catching up on all the shows we missed this year,” he says. “We’re also playing games, just talking, trying to get organized, all the things we didn’t really have time for.”

More video games and anime are also on the list of things to do for Dylan and Barbara.

“We started this new anime that we really like called Haikyu!!, which is a funny volleyball anime, funny enough,” he says. “Besides that, it’s been a lot more video game playing than watching stuff.”

Dylan and Barbara are both huge fans of anime.

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