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Edwina Currie brands John McCririck ‘misogynistic and rude’ – but admits she’ll miss him

Jul 7, 2019

Edwina Currie has paid tribute to John McCririck who died on Friday.

The ex-Conservative Health Secretary starred with the horse racing legend on Channel 4 show, Celebrity Wife Swap.

John and Edwina clashed on the programme when John refused to help out with anything around the house and his views on women.

Speaking about the Celebrity Big Brother star following his passing, Edwina said: “There aren’t enough characters on TV.

“McCririck was intelligent, aggressive, misogynistic, rude and an anachronism in the modern world.

“But he will be mourned and he will be missed,” she told the Sunday Mirror.

Edwina who had an affair with Conservative PM John Major added: “Old men… are like old wine – sometimes they improve with great age and sometimes they just turn to vinegar.”

John’s wife Jenny who he nicknamed “The Booby” revealed John, who was 79 when he died, had been secretly battling lung cancer for months.

Jenny revealed they found out John had cancer when he was being treated for sepsis in January last year.

She revealed they chose to keep both illnesses a secret so as not to draw too much attention.

Jenny told The Sun John had “defied medical science” to beat the sepsis, but the disease had left him too weak to beat the cancer.

She divulged: “The cancer was small and you would normally have an op to remove it, but because he was so ill he couldn’t do it. They said they would have killed him if they had done an operation,” she revealed.

“The cancer spread and whenever he had an immunotherapy it left him weaker and weaker and then you get an infection,” she said.

“That’s how he died. But we had the best doctors. They did all they could.”

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