• Mon. Nov 28th, 2022

Elton John Parking Lot Attack, New Video Shows Attackers Beating Man Repeatedly

Nov 23, 2022

One man is lucky to be alive after suffering a brutal beatdown in the parking lot after an Elton John show … and new video from the attack shows just how violent things got.

The extended video, obtained by TMZ, shows a man in blue repeatedly beating the victim in the Dodger Stadium parking lot Thursday night — the victim puts his hands up before getting kicked back down to the ground.

elton john attackers

A different attacker wearing black then lands a violent blow on the man’s face, seemingly knocking him out. One of the attackers calls the victim a “fat f***ing f*****” a couple of times before they take off.

The man in black was so eager to get his licks in, he can be seen violently pushing a female friend out of the way and to the ground. You also see him charge a bystander filming, appearing to snatch the phone out of his hand and shove him.

elton john concert

As we reported, 1 arrest has been made so far in the gruesome attack … although the suspect hasn’t been identified.

elton john concert

LAPD told us it all stemmed from a fender bender between 2 different parties … which escalated into the violent beatdown seen in the most recent video.

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