She has every right to being using her social media platforms to rant about her nightmare trip after a chaotic opening to her Mykonos break.

But Emily Atack decided to put on her make-up and slap on a smile as she tries to forget about being stranded.

The The Inbetweeners actress revealed her villa was double booked on Thursday – leaving her scrabbling around for a bed and very stressed.

The 29-year-old showed off the scenery to her fans and it doesn't look like the drama has totally wrecked her trip.

She did go in on the operator the day before, ranting that she and her pals had been seriously let down as they tried to enjoy a sunshine break.

"Girls & I have arrived at our villa in Mykonos that we booked via, turns out they double booked the villa & now we’re stranded at side of the road with mountains of food shopping & cases," she vented on twitter.

" are providing no solution. Can anyone help?…

"They literally dropped responsibility and basically said there’s nothing they can do! We’re sat on a curb drinking desperados like a bunch of desperados!"

Mirror Online have contacted for comment.

She gave fans an update, saying: "Thanks for coming to the rescue @Expedia – for finding us somwhere else. We’re now drinking Aperol and eating Cheetos at our new villa (No freebies, just good service!)"

Emily is clearly feeling a lot better after the experience.

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