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Everyone on YouTube Is Traumatized by the Terrifying Trailer for 'Lamb'

Jul 28, 2021

A24 just released the trailer for Lamb, and frankly I did not expect to be this scared at 8:00 am on a Wednesday morning. The movie, which has absolutely ruined sheep, as a concept, for me, is an Icelandic horror film starring Noomi Rapace and Hilmir Snaer Gudnason. Here’s the official description from The Hollywood Reporter:

I mean, what could be sweeter than a couple who find a cute baby sheep on their farm and decide to raise it, right? WRONG. Turns out there is truly nothing more haunting. Watch the trailer for Lamb if you enjoy the special combination of feeling weird/traumatized.

Or, if you’re too scared to watch the trailer, the comments paint a pretty accurate picture. My personal favorites:

“wow this feels like something you shouldn’t even be seeing. If that makes sense. Something dark and unholy for sure.”

“My skin went pale when it clicked that the lamb was humanoid. This movie is gonna be terrifying.”

“I made a giant mistake. I ate an edible and watched this trailer. Send help pls.”

“Even for A24, this looks fairly f*cked up.”

“This looks completely unhinged, I can’t wait.”

“Imagine being a child actor having to wear a dead lamb’s head.”

“I’ve never seen something so wholesome yet so disturbing and horrifying all at once.”

“Whenever The Beach Boys start singing ‘God only knows what I’d be without you’ these days, something freaky is never far behind.”

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