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‘Feel for him’ Piers Morgan’s son defends Tipping Point contestant after major blunder

Oct 26, 2021

Tipping Point: Contestants get confused on Homer question

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Spencer Morgan, 28, has sent his support to Tipping Point contestant Dom, after Ben Shephard laughed at their awkward mistake when answering a question on Greek poet Homer. Twitter user Graeme Douglas reposted the moment from yesterday’s ITV episode, in which the show host chuckled following the player’s blunder.

“In his epic poems, Homer often refers to nectar as the drink of the gods and which other substance as their food?” Shephard asked

The contestant mistakenly thought the quiz show host was referring to Simpsons character Homer and responded: “I know he likes doughnuts. I think I’ll go with doughnuts please Ben.”

The camera then cut to an open-mouthed Ben looking absolutely stunned.

However, the player ploughed on and gave doughnuts as his final answer. 

Needless to say, it was not correct, but that didn’t stop fellow contestant Lindsey saying when the question moved to her: “I was going to say doughnuts as well.”

The answer to the question was ambrosia which, in Greek mythology, was thought to bring long life and immortality to anyone who consumed it.

Ben let out an hilarious chortle at this before offering to re-read the question.

Suddenly realising his mistake, Dom exclaimed: “Oh, I got the wrong Homer!”

“Homer, of course, poet, scholar, bard, philosopher,” Ben chuckled. “Not Homer Simpson, who works in a nuclear factory, drinks beer and likes doughnuts.”

Sharing the clip on his Twitter in view of his 64,900 followers, Spencer typed: “Feel for him. I reckon quite a few make this mistake under pressure.”

In response, other users agreed as they claimed Homer Simpson is “better known”.

@Shanemcinnes commented: “@spencermorgan93 Let’s be honest – who’s the better known Homer.”

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While @Ted246 replied: “I’m not very literature orientated. Was never interested in poetry at school, so I initially thought it was about Homer Simpson as well.”

@Zoeonpop said: “It’s Ben’s face that gets me.”

While @SamFarmer2 remarked: “It’s even funnier because he’s supposed to be a teacher.”

Tipping Point is a British television quiz show which began airing on ITV on 2 July 2012.

Three contestants answer questions on the subject of general knowledge to win counters which they use on a large coin pusher arcade-style machine.

 Only the winner at the end has a chance to take home any money; the others leave with nothing except any non-cash prizes they may have won during the game.

A series of 12 celebrity episodes under the title Tipping Point: Lucky Stars aired on ITV, beginning on 9 June 2013. The programme was shown in a primetime slot. 

Three further series were then aired in the summer of 2014, the autumn of 2016 and the autumn of 2017.

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