I still haven’t finished Finding Freedom but I’m most of the way through it. I am enjoying it and I’m enjoying the fact that I can read between the lines of what is not being said in particular situations. When we were recording the podcast yesterday, CB pointed out that Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand were happy enough to spend like three full pages on the wedding tiara issue because clearly, the courtiers were spreading lies and the Sussexes wanted to correct the record. And yet, when they don’t want to “correct the record” about an issue which might not put H&M in the most flattering light, Scobie and Durand just do a quick aside, crickets or a really obvious subject change.

I also get the feeling that there was A LOT of stuff left out about Prince William and, more specifically, the way the Kensington Palace offices were operating, especially in late 2018 and early 2019. William is like a ghost for a four-month period around then, and then oh by the way, they mention that Harry and William’s relationship is slowly being repaired around February/March 2019. Which… is interesting, because if that’s true, that means that Harry didn’t actually blame William (at the time) for the smear campaign which had been in effect since November 2018. FF also gives William credit for advocating for the Sussexes’ separate office to be fully funded by Charles and the Queen. This was reported at the time, and I wasn’t completely sure it was accurate, but FF says so:

Prince Charles wanted the split to be cost neutral. But according to aides, William fought to make sure that enough resources were allocated from the budget for the newly established Sussex household to have a proper working space and a suitable communications budget. The Duke of Cambridge knew that the Sussexes were important to the royal family and needed necessary support. And smaller roles for Harry and Meghan would have meant more work for the Cambridges. Over several weeks, William and his dedicated private secretary, Simon Case, attended meetings with senior Buckingham Palace aides to ensure that Harry and Meghan received the best deal possible.

[From Finding Freedom: Harry, Meghan, and the Making of a Modern Royal Family]

“And smaller roles for Harry and Meghan would have meant more work for the Cambridges.” LMAO. Sure, William might have wanted something good for Harry and Meghan and he wanted them to have independence and a real staff, but ultimately William was just looking out for William and William doesn’t want to work.

Regarding the work of the Royal Foundation and untangling all of their projects (which basically took a year to process), a source also told FF: “There was an option for the four to keep going as they were, but the Cambridges were keen to get going on a clean break.” I believe that, and I believe the Sussexes were keen for a clean break as well. But I keep wondering WHY the Cambridges were so eager for the clean break at that moment? Did they honestly think that they would be able to outshine the Sussexes on their own? Or were Will and Kate, at that time, simply preparing for the post-Sussex royal family because they were already taking steps to exile them?

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