• Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Football Focus Alex Scott avoids altitude sickness as BBC presenter suffers foot issues

May 26, 2022

The One Show: Alex Scott jokes about going on a dating show

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Football Focus host Alex Scott was once a professional footballer herself, but her athleticism didn’t prevent her from succumbing to “cankles” after scaling thousands of steps in Peru. The BBC star, 37, has told all about her latest trip in a post on Instagram Stories.

“My feet are feeling it… but didn’t get altitude sickness so Machu Picchu I’m coming for you,” she captioned her video

“This is the current situation after the five hour hike,” the exhausted star told followers while she reclined on the bed.

“Oh boy – it’s those mountains there!” she exclaimed, gesturing to the window with a big grin.

She added: “I’ve got cankles going on – that’s the situation!”

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She zoomed in on her swollen ankles while she reclined on a bed after the monumental, yet rewarding, hike.

However, Alex seemed exhilarated by the long walk, which had followed a trip to local salt mines.

“Over 31,000 steps, 15km covered and learning all about the Inca civilisation as we go!” she wrote.

Although scaling mountains in Peru might have seemed like a daunting prospect, Alex is accustomed to high levels of activity.

In one recent interview, she revealed to Good Housekeeping that her daily fitness regime typically involves “10,000 steps minimum”.

She added: “I [also] run several times a week [and do] boxing classes… I love getting out of my comfort zone.”

Her action-packed trip to the South American nation followed news that her first full season on Football Focus was a wrap.

Last weekend, the beaming star wrote on Instagram: “FOOTBALL FOCUS ITS A BIGGY!” (sic)

She continued: “My 1st full season completed presenting this iconic show every Saturday afternoon.

“A Huge Thank you to everyone who tunes in and shows support. To all our guest and reporters each week…and to everyone who works across the show behind the scenes putting in all the hours to bring it all together a MASSIVE MASSIVE THANK YOU.” (sic)

The jubilant star, who had previously been an Arsenal player, added that it was “going to be a huge summer for women’s football across BBC”.

@mervyncowdell4837 wrote: “Well done Alex. Great show and professional presentation. Looking forward to seeing and hearing from you in the wonderful summer of Women’s football!”

@criz58 added: “Alex you are such an awesome and inspirational woman,sadly I’m old but keep doing what you are doing and inspire more young women,to achieve great success xxxx”

Alex has previously spoken about being a positive role model for young girls.

“The ability for young girls to see strong, positive role models is so key,” she stated in her Good Housekeeping interview.

“If they see it, they can aspire to be it!”

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