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Gabrielle Union Doubles Down on Splitting Finances 50/50 With Husband Dwyane Wade

May 22, 2023

The ‘Bring It On’ actress initially raised people’s eyebrows when she revealed in a recent interview with Bloomberg that she and the former NBA star ‘split everything 50/50.’

AceShowbizGabrielle Union gave further explanation on her headline-making revelation about splitting bills 50/50 with her husband Dwyane Wade. The “Bring It On” actress doubled down on her remarks, saying that she and the former NBA star have found their “peace” with the method.

“Every household is different and doing what’s best for you and yours is the key,” Gabrielle wrote in an Instagram comment on Sunday, May 21. “And what some don’t understand is that I’m 100% responsible for 3 other households and D has even more. The majority of those households are elderly ppl and minors.”

The 50-year-old star went on elaborating, “We both come from families that step up to help care for children or elderly relatives. So being able to be with someone who meets me half way and lightens my load gives me peace and support. He’s offered to cover me trust, but that’s not my ministry nor brings me peace.”

“All that to say, I love how we recognize that there’s billions of ways to exist and you just gotta find what’s right for you that brings YOU peace. I found mine,” she concluded.

Gabrielle initially raised people’s eyebrows when she revealed in a recent interview with Bloomberg that she and Dwyane “split everything 50/50.” She shared, “. “I think I just have more responsibilities for my money so I get nervous like oh God that movie didn’t open, well what does that mean? Am I going to have enough to hold everybody up and everyones like it’s coming calm down.”

“And I’m trying to find peace in the journey and not using my anxiety and scarcity mindset to be my engine, which is hard,” she continued. “It’s weird to say I’m head of household because in this household we split everything 50/50.”

Fans quickly expressed their surprise over Gabrielle’s admission. One Twitter user in particular argued, “Gabrielle union said she goes 50/50 with her husband ?????? 50/50 with a retired NBA star ????? OH BABY HELL NAAAAAAAH.”

Another commented, “Gabrielle Union going 50/50 with Dwayne Wade don’t even sound right. I need my sister to stand up IMMEDIATELY.” Someone else tweeted, “D Wade is worth 6 times what Gabrielle Union is and they split the bills 50/50 so ain’t no excuse for you h*es.”

However, some others defended the couple. “What Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade do wit their kids, their bills or their private parts ain’t got a muthaf**kin thing to do with not a one of y’all. So why is it sparking discussion!? Black people there are so many other things we need to DISCUSS n other ppl bizness aint IT,” one fan noted.

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