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George Jones’ Wife Reveals Country Icon’s Last Words

Jul 12, 2019

George Jones‘ widow Nancy Jones has revealed the country icon’s final words in Taste of Country‘s video series, “The Secret History of Country Music.”

After a car accident that nearly took his life in 1999, Jones got sober.

Jones, who was addicted to alcohol and cocaine, died on April 26, 2013.

Nancy says she was by his side when he spoke his final words before his death after a prolonged silence.

Jones opened his eyes and said, “Well hello there. My name is George Jones. I’ve been looking for you.”

Nancy, who spent more than three decades with her husband, believes Jones was speaking to God when he uttered those words.

Earlier this year, a mural was unveiled in Nashville depicting the legendary country music star riding a lawnmower to a liquor store.

Inspiration for the mural came from a story that Jones told in his autobiography, titled “I Lived To Tell It All.”

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