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Great British Bake Off contestant Laura Adlington, 31, revealed she found a certain telly requirement a “pain in the a**” when it came to filming sequences for continuity on the Channel 4 show. After a long day of baking, we can imagine the last thing anyone would want to do is have to wash, dry and iron the same outfit ready for the next day so in the edit it appears that it is all one long shot.

It was a right pain in the a** having to wash, dry and iron your outfit after a long day of filming!

Laura Adlington

But unfortunately needs must!

Speaking on her Instagram, Laura held a Q&A where she encouraged her followers to ask her anything they wanted to know.

One fan put to her why they need to rewear the same outfits, to which Laura revealed it was something she found rather annoying.

The viewer asked: “If the bakes are done on separate days, why do you have to wear the same clothes?”

The baker replied: “Just for continuity apparently.

“It was a right pain in the a** having to wash, dry and iron your outfit after a long day of filming!”

But sadly that’s something that will never change in the world of TV, unlike other elements of the show.

This year’s has, like many productions across the UK, been slightly different to that of previous series, due to the on-going coronavirus pandemic.

Usually, the show sees contestants coming in at weekends to film the episodes but this year, shooting took place two days on and two days off.

The contestants usually get the opportunity to practice their bakes during the week but as they were isolating at a hotel together, the production company constructed makeshift kitchens in the car park where the bakers could trial their creations prior to filming.

The cast members were also allowed the opportunity to bring their partners and children to live with them while they were filming as there was rigorous coronavirus testing throughout the entire process to ensure everyone involved remained safe.

With only one more week to go before one of the remaining four contestants is crowned the winner, they had time to reflect on their experience in the tent and Laura looked back at one very memorable moment indeed,

She revealed in a recent interview that her dad had frantically called her up, worried that she would be ‘upset’ by the internet’s reaction to her Freddie Mercury showstopper cake, which gave viewers a huge giggle.

Luckily, he was wrong and the Channel 4 star was delighted that the multiple internet memes brought a smile to people’s faces.

The show tasked the 12 bakers to make a 3D cake depicting the face of their heroes during the Showstopper Challenge, where the contestants could really play to their artistic sides.

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She chose to construct a lemon-and-elderflower treat, depicting the torso of pop-band Queen’s famous frontman in his yellow leather jacket from their famous 1986 Wembley show.

She came into some difficulty trying to balance Mercury’s head on top of his body, but with the help of fellow baker Sura, he just about stood the test of time.

Laura didn’t win Star Baker, but Freddie sure did wow viewers who used every pun under the sun to describe the showstopper.

In a recent interview, she said: “The Freddie memes were hilarious!

“My dad called me the day after as he was worried I’d be upset, but it was the opposite.

Laura’s full interview is available to read now in Radio Times [RADIO TIMES]

“I loved hearing how it had given people a proper belly laugh,” she beamed.

It comes after the Gravesend girl revealed she suffered with anxiety and low self-esteem growing up, which left her “terrified” of appearing on TV.

Laura’s full interview is available to read now in Radio Times.

Great British Bake Off continues Tuesday at 8pm on Channel 4.

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