Hailee Steinfeld opened up about all things Dickinson this weekend at the Tribeca TV Festival in New York City.

Speaking with EW later on alongside creator Alena Smith, the 2 -year-old actress chatted about the life and times of the legendary author Emily Dickinson, and how she dealt with issues we’re still dealing with today.

“She just truly believed that life was supposed to be about what makes you feel good — and that came down to who she loved, who she wanted to kiss, who she wanted to be with, what she wanted to do with her time,” Hailee shared. “In a time when there were so many constraints and so many people, including the people she loved and the people she felt should love her the most — her family — are the ones who are telling her she is nothing and nobody and stupid and worthless.”

“The fact that she would only take that and channel it and make it into something great day after day, for me, was just beyond.”

Hailee adds that the series has a “very modern feel, and regardless of what time a certain human lived through, we all share very similar emotions.”

“It’s exciting to see that even a woman in the 1800s could handle what we still have to go through today and we can use that as motivation and inspiration.”

If you missed it, Hailee revealed her new single, “Afterlife”, that was written for the show, will be out this week!

Dickinson will debut on November 1st on Apple TV+.

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