Halsey is getting ready for motherhood!

The 26-year-old pregnant singer appeared on the new episode of YouTuber David Dobrik‘s podcast Views on Tuesday (February 9).

During their chat, David presented Halsey with a baby gift – a Tiffany and Co. teddy bear, which features Tiffany blue paws and a sterling silver “Return to Tiffany” tag.

“I don’t know what to get a celebrity baby,” David told Halsey, “so we went to Tiffany and Co. and we got this cute little bear.”

“Shut up! Are you serious?” Halsey said, practically shouting. “This is so cute!”

“This is my first gift I’ve gotten,” Halsey added. “I’m going to tell my baby that.”

Last month, Halsey revealed she was expecting her first child with boyfriend Alev Aydin. Learn more about him here.

Halsey also recently shared a sonogram of her unborn baby!

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