Made in Chelsea star Louise Thompson and her fiancé Ryan Libbey exclusively showed off their gorgeous London townhouse to OK! magazine, following a stylish makeover.

The couple, both 29, were helped by stylists at Wayfair UK to give their office and living room a whole new look, with Louise describing their interior style as “traditional blended with a contemporary touch”.

Personal trainer Ryan reveals he thinks of the finished look as “SoHo Farmhouse style”, but admitted that Louise called the shots when it came to the interior design.

Ryan moved in with Louise three years ago and the engaged couple now use the space as the headquarters for their business Live Like Louise, which has an app launching next month.

Louise said: “We now have a team of six employees that are currently working at our house, so it was crucial to create a flexible office space that is comfortable for everyone, enabling them to be productive whilst also housing enough space for office supplies, folders and technical items. Trying to squeeze this in was certainly a challenge.”

The couple, who are busy planning their abroad wedding next year, aren’t done yet when it comes to their house renovations, however.

Louise said: “We are currently in the process of getting our carpets changed in the bedroom, as well as the guest rooms as Koji [their dog] has had a few accidents on them when he was young puppy and the carpets are also no longer our style.

“I would also redesign my wardrobe on the top floor. There are currently three rooms that are taken up with my clothes but if I got amazing built in wardrobes on the top floor I could really free up some space.”

Made in Chelsea stars Louise Thompson and Ryan Libbey opened the doors of their stunning London home to OK! magazine.

Ryan and Louise use their beautiful house in London as the headquarters for their business Live Like Louise, which has an app launching in September.

Louise moved into her house six years ago when she left Edinburgh University and said that the home has “evolved so much since.” She said: “For the first few years I lived surrounded by an amalgamation of my mum and dads old furniture that they didn’t want anymore.”

The engaged couple gave their office and living room a whole new look, with Louise describing the interior style as “traditional blended with a contemporary touch.”

Louise revealed they wanted their living room to be a “cosy space that allows us to relax in the evenings after work, but at the same time we occasionally use our living room as a space for meetings.”

Louise said that she "loves" their gorgeous bar cabinet, while Ryan’s favourite part is their home office.

Louise said she gets her inspiration in different places. She said: “From Instagram and Pinterest, to traveling to different countries and staying in different homes/hostels/hotels/palaces. They all have influenced my taste in interior design and have inspired me immensely."

Pet pooch Koji is a big fan of the house’s new look, with the pair revealing that he is "obsessed" with the green lounge chair.

Louise said she “loves” the rustic charm in the study with the dark furniture and gold accessories.

Louise said it was important to her that the world was in their office space, to reflect her time as a geography student. She said: "As a geography student and a big fan of cartography it was imperative that we had the world in the room. I get a lot of compliments on how smart the space is whenever people visit."

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