• Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

It feels like coming back from the dead Donny Osmond opens up on painful health battle

Oct 12, 2021

Jennifer Saunders sings to Donny Osmond on The One Show

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Legendary singer Donny Osmond, 53, has opened up about his many struggles over the years, including the surgery that left him temporarily paralysed. The singer also talked about the pain of “losing his career” and how those emotions have shaped his 65th album. 

Donny Osmond has returned to the stage for his first ever solo residency at Harrah’s on the Las Vegas strip. 

The star is getting back to performing after recovering from surgery, which he feared would leave him unable to move forever. 

The residency also coincides with the release of his 65th album, which alludes to some of the tough times he’s endured over the years. 

While the star has been performing since the age of five, first with the Osmond Brothers and then later with his sister on variety series Donny & Marie, a Las Vegas residency is reportedly something that he has always wanted to do. 

“When you work as hard as I do in six decades of show business, something is bound to happen,” he said of the injury. 

“I’ve gone through quite a bit, you know.”

In 2019 Donny discovered his spine had shifted due to dancing injuries and had to go under the knife. 

However, the star contracted an infection after neck surgery, which left him struggling to move.

The 70s icon credited his devout Mormon faith for his near-miraculous recovery and confessed he felt like he had “come back from the dead” following his return to performing. 

Despite losing his voice a couple of times, Donny resolved that nothing was going to get in his way of his big comeback show. 

“I said ‘ok I’m not going to let this get to me’, because this is going to be the ultimate show,” he told the Daily Mail. 

The star recently expressed how he felt about returning to the stage after all the suffering he had endured, acknowledging the strength that he was able to draw from that pain.

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“Last night’s show was wild….the amount of dancing and singing and everything,” he said.

“I started from below ground zero but it feels like coming back from the dead. 

“I’m pain free now, maybe even stronger than I was before.”

The artist also discussed his new album, which he says he “worked hardest on” out of all of the other 65 albums he has produced over the years. 

“I spent 3 years writing this album. The music is not too bad either but the lyrics are really, really deep.”

He also described how the song Take Me Back was a reflection on when his career went into decline. 

“I wanted to write a song about the feelings of the 80s when I lost my career – what did it feel like? 

“It’s a beautiful love song but if you know the backstory it takes on a whole new meaning.”

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