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Jasmine Harman quite pleased’ as shes forced to miss A Place In The Sun filming

Dec 14, 2021

Jasmine Harman advises fans not to worry about dress sizes

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While Jasmine Harman did not contract the virus, the rapid spread of the Omicron variant subsequently led staff to halt production on the Channel 4 show until January.

And on Tuesday, the 46-year-old took to her Instagram to share the news with her 95,000 followers, expressing that while she was missing the warm weather, she was glad to be spending Christmas back in the UK this year.

This week was supposed to be my last filming week of the year

Jasmine Harman

“This week was supposed to be my last filming week of the year, but thanks to covid, I was not able to go,” Jasmine wrote.

“Luckily I have remained negative, but I was identified as a close contact of a confirmed positive case.”

She proceeded to say: “To be honest, although I’m missing work (and warm weather!) I’m quite pleased to be at home with my family in the run up to Christmas! It never feels that Christmassy on a beach in the sun!”

The mother of two recently embarked on a weight loss journey after succumbing to a fat-shaming comment from a fan who thought she looked pregnant in a recent social media snap.

Jasmine responded to the account and said that while the comment could have been deemed offensive, it was ultimately the motivation she needed to get herself back in shape.

The Hackney-born property expert revealed she’d been following a strict weight loss guide, helping her lose the additional pounds she gained in lockdown.

“My first reaction was to be insulted and upset,” she said.

“I’m not pregnant; I’ve put on weight. TBH I’ve spent my adult life putting on weight and losing it again. It’s boring after a while.”

Jasmine continued: “The last time I lost weight, I thought I’d cracked it for good, but alas, it all went awry during lockdown.”

Last month, Jasmine was brought to tears by two homebuyers in an episode of A Place in the Sun.

She hosted a property viewing located in Cyprus, which fit the couple’s £250,000 budget and appeared to have left an instant impression.

One of the househunters, Sue was promptly enamoured with the property, saying she felt a prompt association with the home, while her other half Pete rushed to concur.

A pleased Jasmine chimed in: “When you first met, what was it that attracted you to each other?”

“We were friends for a long time. Now, I look at him and he’s just the other half of me,” Sue responded.

Pete added: “Yeah, like she said we were friends for a long time. And now she’s the beat of my heart.”

Jasmine was overcome with emotions by the endearing way in which her clients were talking about each other as she said: “You’re going to make me go now.”

The couple went on to view a total of five properties but ended up settling for the £238,500 home in Mandria, despite having set their final offer at £235,000.

Sue and Pete ultimately surrendered and consented to the deal, inciting Jasmine to become emotional once more.

“I can’t speak right now!” she stated. “What am I like?”

A Place in the Sun is slated to return in early 2022 on Channel 4.

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