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Jason Momoa's 'Dad Bod' the Envy of Dads Everywhere

Jul 11, 2019

Jason Momoa has really let himself go … looks like he’s up to at least 12 percent body fat. Oh, the horror!

We jest, of course, but Aquaman’s been the target of some online trolling this week, over ‘dad bod’ pics from his early July vacation in Venice with his wife, Lisa Bonet. The couple was in Europe that week to attend the wedding of her daughter, Zoe Kravitz, to Karl Glusman.

Anyway, some people began to poke fun at the regularly chiseled and buff actor for “looking a little doughy,” and suggested he needs to get back to the gym. Basically, a lot of absurd body-shaming comments.

Obviously, Momoa’s fans aren’t having it, and are calling out all the jerks who’ve questioned where Jason’s abs have gone or joked the King of the Seas won’t be able to swim as quickly with all that extra weight.

Clearly, people are idiots, and Jason’s “dad bod” is still way closer to real-life superhero than 99.9% of us. 

The Internet, man.

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