Earlier this week, we reported on the shocking news that Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau have ended their engagement following a blowout fight at the couple's Dover, Delaware home.

That development was surprising enough on its own, as Javi and Lauren had welcomed a son, bought a house together, and gotten engaged, all in the past year.

But believe it or not, the situation has become even more bizarre in the days since we first learned of the split.

We now know that Javi called 911 on his sister, not on Lauren, as many outlets initially reported.

And while Lidia Marroquin was clearly involved in the altercation somehow, one insider tells The Hollywood Gossip that it all started because Javi got caught cheating on Lauren.

Jump into the gallery below for our exclusive info on this increasingly messy situation:

1.Happier Times

2.Blended Family

3.All Falls Down

4.Plot Twist

5.The Heart of the Matter

6.The Cause

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