“This guy is going to torture me for the rest of my life,” the “Flipping Out” star says.

Jeff Lewis feels like a prisoner.

Two months after announcing he and his ex-partner were able to come together sans-court to reach a temporary custody agreement for their 2-year-old daughter, Monroe, Lewis says co-parenting with Gage Edward has become torture.

The loose-lipped "Flipping Out" star detailed the decline of his relationship with his former partner of 10 years on Tuesday’s episode of his SiriusXM radio show, "Jeff Lewis Live," telling his listeners, "I have begged him to try to work this out together, but what happens is, sometimes, in all honesty, I feel like I’m co-parenting my child with a child."

"On Sunday," Lewis went on, "I literally put my face in my hands and thought, ‘This guy is going to torture me for the rest of my life. I’m a prisoner.’"

Since parting ways in January of this year, Lewis has consistently called Edward "a good dad" despite the pair’s often-contentious relationship; however, he seems to have changed his mind. According to Lewis, Edward has been flip-flopping on parenting decisions since their amicable August agreement.

"We were getting along great after the temporary schedule was in place," he said. "We had a great week, we started really deeply talking about, ‘What does a permanent custody schedule look like?’ Holidays, the whole thing."

But days later, "everything we discussed was changed. I think what happens is he goes and he consults someone. And I don’t know if it’s his boyfriend or a good friend or whatever. But suddenly, everything he has talked about is off the table… I get this email from him that says, ‘None of this works. I think the attorney should handle it.’"

The pair was scheduled to go to private mediation before a judge on Thursday of last week to set a permanent custody agreement, but a source close to the situation told PEOPLE they wanted to try to continue working it out on their own.

"I have been very communicative and very open. That’s going to shift now," Lewis vowed. "I’m going to stonewall it. If this is the way he’s going to play it, there will be no more communication… I want limited contact [with Gage]. I want a legal schedule. I’m done. I’m f–king done."

Lewis went on to claim that Edward never has custody of Monroe on Friday or Saturday nights, which allows the latter more flexibility in his social life. The outspoken interior designer also made the case that splitting custody "50/50 was not the best for [Monroe]."

"For her best interest, I have been fighting for the majority of the custody," he said. "I have the house, I have the infrastructure, I have the playroom, the pool, I’ve got the backyard. I’ve got the nanny, the housekeeper and everything. Plus, all of her classes and her school are within two miles of my house."

Lewis said he "made the choice to live in Sherman Oaks … 150 percent for my child. Every day, everything I do, she’s on my mind 24/7."

That’s why "whatever [Gage] did to me, I can get over," Lewis said. "Here’s the problem: I don’t believe that he always put our child first. I don’t believe he always considered our child’s well-being and what was best for her, and for that, I can never forgive him."

TooFab has contacted Edward seeking comment.

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