Richard Hammond admits he’s scared of ‘hurting himself’

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Being a show that often includes travel around the world, The Grand Tour was hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic as ever changing rules restrictions led to difficulties travelling abroad, especially if you’re a huge film crew. But Jeremy Clarkson, 60, announced the fan-favourite show was finally back filming outside of the UK, as restrictions begin to ease off now that Covid vaccines are being administered in various countries to combat the deadly illness. And in true Jezza style, he jokingly implied that the current Suez Canal crisis is down to none other than his co-star, Richard Hammond.

The accident-prone Richard Hammond took command of a container ship called Ever Given and attempted to make the journey using the Suez Canal

Jeremy Clarkson

The giant container ship called Ever Given remains wedged sideways across one of the world’s busiest trade routes, after attempts to dislodge it over the weekend failed.

The container vessel, which is the length of four football pitches and one of the world’s largest, is causing huge tailbacks of other ships and blocking millions of dollars in trade since it ran aground Tuesday (23 March) last week.

Obviously aware of the frantic efforts to refloat the 200,000-tonne cargo ship, Jeremy referenced it in his latest column for The Sun, and revealed that The Grand Tour had been in Egypt at the same time.

“You may be interested to hear that, at long last, the Grand Tour team is back out in the world making shows,” he penned.

“We were in Egypt last week, trying to get from Port Said, on the Mediterranean, to the small village of Abu Sultan, on the Red Sea.”

He went on to describe the choices of vehicles he, Hammond and James May chose in order to embark on their journey, and strongly implied that one of his co-stars might have had something to do with the crisis.

“I chose a dune buggy and went through the desert, James May used a steam train and went through Saudi Arabia,” he continued.

“And the accident-prone Richard Hammond took command of a container ship called Ever Given and attempted to make the journey using the Suez Canal.”

It comes after the former Top Gear star has been involved in a fair few dramatic crashes during his presenting career, some accidents of which have left him near death.

Among many smaller crashes, fans will remember his first notable disaster was back in 2006, when he flipped his Vampire dragster while travelling over 288mph after its right tyre blew.

The TV star was left in a coma for two weeks after the near-fatal accident.

11 years later he made headlines once again, as he was involved in another horrific accident in 2017 when the supercar he was driving in Switzerland flipped and burst into flames.

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Speaking to and other media, Richard revealed the reason why he thinks he is so accident-prone.

He said: “I’ve had a lot of accidents. We all three have to be fair because we are asking things of cars and vehicles and they’re not normally asked to do and sometimes things go wrong.

“I seem to have had the most serious accidents, I think it’s down to boyish exuberance on my part.

“And perhaps a lack of ability or common sense so I don’t know!”

The presenter then went on to joke about how he has been “lucky” to come out safely.

Richard continued: “I have been lucky with a few of them. Various bits of me are held together with metal and I creak a bit now.

“But I’ve always run and tried to keep reasonably fit so that helps.

“Plus, I’m quite small, I’m not a very tall man you probably don’t know that it’s a well-kept secret…

“But I’m only five seven so I’m only a little fella which means there’s less off for me to break, and that’s my advantage. It’s an evolutionary thing.”

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