Killing Eve star Jodie Comer has recalled all her beauty fails while growing up in Liverpool.

The actress called her hometown the ‘City of Glam’ and remembered rocking eyebrows that were ‘super heavily drawn on’.

She thanked her parents for just ‘letting me get on with’ all her different looks.

‘I don’t know if you’re familiar with Liverpool, where I’m from, but Liverpool is the city of glam,’ Jodie told Vanity Fair.

‘I got a curly blow at the hairdresser’s as a teenager with [all day rollers] that you take out at the last minute so your hair stays in longer.

‘Our eyebrows were super heavily drawn on. I look back at pictures of myself, and I’m like, “Whoa!” I respect my parents for just letting me get on with it!’

But Jodie confesses that she struggles with her appearance and worries about her weight for certain acting gigs.

The actress said: ‘A big thing is trying to accept that, with acting, the reason for getting a part or not getting part isn’t always about your talent or how talented people think you are; a lot of it is about your looks. Always worrying about the way you look or your weight for certain roles – that has always been a big insecurity of mine.

‘Growing up as a teen, I always struggled with my weight and body image. What I’m trying to do – and I feel like I’m succeeding a little bit in – is to be accepting of the fact that … I always put a stress on myself having to look a certain way, when you are who you are.

‘Your ability to act, or whatever your job is, is worth so much more than how you look.’

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