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Josie Duggar: Watch Her NAIL Singing the National Anthem!

Jul 3, 2019

As you may or may not have noticed, the Duggars have a whole lot of babies.

Little Josie is 9 years old — can you believe it? It feels like just yesterday that she was born prematurely.

Singing at church, Josie performed the national anthem in anticipation of Independence Day. Listen to the video and hear her knock it out of the park!

“Jana accompanied Josie in a sweet rendition of ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ at church yesterday!” the Duggar family shared on social media.

“As we kick off the week American’s celebrate our independence,” the caption continued.

The Duggars expressed: “we pray that God would continue to bless America as we put our trust in Him!”

The caption ends with the tags: “landofthefree” and “homeofthebrave.”

In the accompanying video, Josie sings while Jana accompanies her on the piano. So sweet!

Fans were quick to pour into the comments with compliments.

“Awww oldest daughter and youngest daughter,” one follower gushed.

Jana and Josie have a special bond.

“Josie can sing!” praised another. “Get it girl! Amazing.”

“Beautiful job!” raved a fan. “What a blessing to hear these young people celebrate our country.”

“Beautiful sung,” complimented another follower.

I’m Australian,” that same comment continued. “But I absolutely love the American National Anthem”

“Awesome!” declared another fan. “From the day you where born sweet one God has a mighty purpose for you!”

“Oh my goodness that is the sweetest rendition I have ever heard of the Star Spangled Banner!” praised another comment.

The fan continued: “Josie has the voice of a little angel.”

Some of the comments were instead filled with harsh criticisms, though they at least did not appear to be directed at 9-year-old Josie.

“You forgot ‘God’ in the song,” accused one outrageous comment.

“Please don’t tell me that you are so liberal and chose not to say God in the song where it is suppose to go,” asked the hater.

The defender then incorrectly accused: “Not very American.”

It is possible that this person was just trolling, citing a lyrics from another, less popular verse in order to get a rise out of fans.

But some diehard fundamentalists think that the Duggars aren’t fundie enough, or that they’re faking it for reality TV. The hate may have been real.

Speaking of fundamentalists taking issue with the Duggars, take a look at this comment.

“But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ – Phil 3:20,” quotes one comment.

That same comment also quotes: “For here we have no lasting city, but we seek the city that is to come – Heb 13:14.”

Now, this may be a fundamentalist who believes that America is unholy because it is a physical nation and not a strictly Christian entity.

Or it may also be a more moderate Christian who believes that the merging of conservative Christianity and nationalism is dangerous.

Other comments were unsettlingly relatable to millions of Americans. 

“I don’t even feel like celebrating this year with Trump in office,” expressed one comment.

The commenter admitted to “Feeling so ashamed of my country these days, with those babies in filthy cages at our border.”

That is a feeling shared all across the country. Social media during the Fourth of July used to be filled with unabashed, whimsical patriotism.

For the third year in a row, it’s filled with near silence … and the aura of despair.

But just take a step back from the current, unyielding horrors of the world and listen to Josie nail this anthem.

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