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Kenan Thompson's 1st Gig Was a 'Super Racist' Fried Chicken Commercial

Apr 26, 2022

Saturday Night Live has employed many of the best comedians over the years. From Chris Farley to Bill Hader to Will Ferrell, the comedy sketch show has helped cultivate some of the funniest personalities on TV.

Many of SNL‘s regular cast members were newcomers to show business, but others had a wealth of experience before joining. Kenan Thompson is one of the stars in the latter camp, though not everything in his entertaining past is remembered fondly.

Kenan Thompson has had a long TV career with recent major successes

As mentioned, Thompson has worked for quite a long time. While many assume his earliest gigs were on Nickelodeon, one job predates his work at the channel.

Thompson discussed his life and career with Vanity Fair ahead of the premiere of Kenan. Eventually, the conversation moved to his roots and earlier work. Thompson’s first gig came at the age of 10 with what he calls a “super-racist” TV ad. Created for Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken, it featured Thompson as a young boy fishing with his grandfather, complaining about how the fish weren’t biting. Upon being given a piece of fried chicken, he was to exclaim, “Oh, I like this kinda bitin’!” The spot only aired in a few states.

The commercial is more than a little problematic in hindsight, relying heavily on the stereotype of Black Americans loving fried chicken. Racist as the ad may have been, though, Thompson admits to having a good time with it. In many ways, it actually ended up inspiring him to continue pursuing acting. Part of this was how much fun he had on set in spite of the material; the other fun part being the hefty $800 he made from the gig.

Thompson’s family life had some recent shakeups

In 2011, Thompson married model Christina Evangeline, going on to have two daughters with her. For many years, the two have been an inseparable couple. Unfortunately, things are coming to an end. Thompson recently announced he and Evangeline are planning to divorce.

In the announcement, the actor states that the two have been separated for roughly a year and are going to finalize things later in 2022. Even so, the two seem to be on good terms and plan to continue co-parenting their children.

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