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Kim Zolciak’s family says they were kicked off Delta flight

Jul 22, 2019

Kim Zolciak and her family say they were kicked off their flight from Los Angeles to Atlanta because the children were crying.

Zolciak’s 22-year-old daughter, Brielle Biermann, wrote on Twitter that a Delta Air Lines employee removed them from their flight because her younger siblings started to cry while waiting for their father, Kroy Biermann, and their “service dog.”

“[An employee] at gate 27 delta LAX just kicked my WHOLE FAMILY OFF the flight to ATL bc we were waiting on my dad with our service dog to finish going thru security & kJ & kash started crying bc they thought we left him and Kaia was literally S–TTING AND HE KICKED US OFF!!!! WTF,” Brielle wrote in a since-deleted tweet from the weekend.

“He was grabbing my siblings and escorting them off HIMSELF while my moms in the bathroom with Kaia!!!!!!” she added. “I have never dealt with anything like this in my life.”

The “Don’t Be Tardy” star, 41, quote tweeted her daughter and added: “Unacceptable @Delta but police are now involved.”

Page Six has reached out to Delta and airport police for comment, though a social media representative for the airline responded to Zolciak’s tweet to look into the incident.

Instead of garnering sympathy for their ordeal, the Biermann family faced accusations of making up owning a service dog.

“I wonder if the police can investigate fake services animals ?,” tweeted one follower.

“Except you don’t have a service dog sooooooooo …………” wrote another.

“Your dog has bit a child,” noted one fan, referencing the time Kim and Kroy’s dog attacked their son Kash. “I love that you are so open to rehabbing him but you are abusing the service dog rule and are part of the problem. Period.”

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