Kyle Richards is telling a different story about Lisa Vanderpump‘s restaurant tab — claiming her nemesis didn’t pull a haha prank, she straight up dined and dashed like a broke college kid.

We got Kyle and her hubby, Mauricio Umansky, leaving Craig’s in WeHo Thursday night and she was asked about the story TMZ broke … that Lisa had a waiter deliver her check to Kyle’s table earlier this week at a ritzy L.A. joint.

Now, as Kyle tells it, not only did she and the ‘RHOBH’ executive producer she was having dinner with NOT pickup LV’s meal … Kyle claims Lisa didn’t pay for it either.

Now, watch the clip … Kyle stopped just short of calling Lisa a cheapskate, and insists she’s being nothing but nice about the situation. We suspect Lisa might have something to say about that. In any event, there are now 2 sides to this story.

As we first reported … Lisa and her husband, Ken Todd, were out for dinner earlier this week and happened to hit up the same spot where Kyle and the ‘RHOBH’ EP were eating.

LV instructed the server to send her $132 bill to Kyle’s table because she said she had a playful relationship with the producer, but they didn’t bite … and refused to cover the expense.

Lisa told us she left a cash tip for the server, and an imprint of her credit card in case the tab wasn’t picked up. Obviously, that’s not what Kyle heard. 🤷🏽‍♂️

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