Liam Gallagher wasn’t best pleased to receive not one but two invites to perform at music festivals in Wuhan, China next year, just as millions in the UK were plunged into tougher tier 4 restrictions. 

The former Oasis rocker reacted as Boris Johnson announced on Saturday afternoon that London and several other cities would be placed under tier 4 from today, meaning tighter travel restrictions and having to stay home on Christmas Day away from families. 

Needless to say, Liam wasn’t exactly thrilled about the new rules and tweeted: ‘Well well well I’ve just been offered 2 festivals nxt summer in WUHAN can’t even go see my mam for Xmas you having a f***ing LAUGH c’mon you know well I do.’ 

Coronavirus is believed to have originated in Wuhan before spreading worldwide, resulting in more than 1.6 million deaths globally. 

Liam’s tweet garnered a mixed response from his followers with one tweeting: ‘China’s not to blame for the UK government’s handling of this though. Go to Wuhan. Good for them getting back on track so effectively.’ 

Another fan reasoned: ‘I had the same situation Liam. But if it’s the choice between seeing your mum for one Christmas and then she never has another one – or missing this one so she has many to come, it’s an easy choice to make.’ 

‘So long as the kids are happy this Christmas and my family and i have good health then that will do me,even if I can’t see my mum as well,’ another follower replied. 

After tweeting: ‘F**K TIERS ZONES RULE,’ Liam had a little fun with it and put a spin on legendary rock bands names such as: ‘The Zone Roses’, ‘Zone Head’ and ‘The Rolling Zones.’ 

In February, Liam said he thought he had coronavirus but it turned out his house was just hot. 

Liam made the confession when a fan asked him on Twitter: ‘Liam what’s ur thoughts on coronavirus? The situation is getting more and more complicated [sic].’ 

The 48-year-old replied: ‘It’s very confusing and scary though. I feel like I’ve had it 7 times the last few days then realised the house is just hot.’

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