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Love Island star Finn Tapp’s sweet gesture to co-star Demi Jones after her cancer diagnosis

May 30, 2021

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Love Island winner Finn Tapp has opened up about his co-star Demi Jones’ recent cancer diagnosis.

Demi 22, has been diagnosed with a rare form of thyroid cancer and she has bravely shared her treatment journey on social media.

Finn and Demi starred on the winter series of Love Island together, and sharing his support for his co-star, Finn, 21, told OK! Online: “She is being strong. Both Paige and I got in touch and sent her a bunch of flowers.

“It’s one of those where she’s that lovely and she’s got that much support behind her that she’s only get through it and she’ll be absolutely fine, we’re all sure of it.”

A day after revealing her diagnosis, 22 year old Demi emotionally thanks her friends, family and the public for their "immense love and support" and for showing her such "kindness" during the challenging time in her life.

Explaining more about her exact diagnosis, papillary thyroid cancer, Demi said: "I had a lump in my neck that was actually a tumour. I was living all these years with a tumour in my neck, which was scary.

However, the star has vowed to fans that she will “stay strong” despite her diagnosis.

Finn continued to say that the Love Island stars from the winter series keep in touch via a group chat, but lockdown has made it difficult for them all to see one another.

The 21 year old said: “With lockdown it’s been hard to see the Love Islanders who are London based so with Callum and Molly we see them.

“Jamie lives in Manchester so we see him a lot and Paige keeps in touch every day with Shaughna. We’re all in a group chat so we can keep in touch.”

Finn lives with his gorgeous girlfriend Paige Turley, and they moved in together shortly after being crowned winners of Love Island.

Since lockdown restrictions have started to lift the sweet pair have enjoyed a date night in London already and they’ve also been taking up various hobbies.

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Finn told OK! Online: “Me and Paige spent the year figuring out what hobbies we’re going to do.

“Paige did her singing for so long and I was doing football for so long but they’re not really a hobby anymore.

“They’ve become our jobs and so we need something which is pure enjoyment, so we’ve taken up skiing and we’ve been doing that, and I’ve taken up golf and Paige is doing horse riding as well.

“We’ve gone from doing nothing to our weeks now are like one day Paige is on a horse and the next she’s on a ski slope.

“We went ice skating too and that was a couple of days after I played my charity game so I was in tatters. My legs were killing. Paige wanted to go ice skating so I said ‘yeah that’ll be brilliant’ through gritted teeth.

“I did end up falling over as well but she didn’t catch that on the film luckily.”

The sweet couple are excited to enjoy freedom post-lockdown after finding fame on hit show Love Island, which returns this summer.

“It’s definitely going to be good now things have opened up and it was strange when we came out of Love Island and life was put on hold but equally me and Paige have been able to dip our toe into what is a very new world for both of us,” Finn added.

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