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Love Islands Faye Winter suffers saggy lips after filler removal: No one warned me

May 25, 2023

Love Island’s Faye Winter has admitted she was too scared to go on social media because removing her lip fillers left her with a sagging pout.

The 27 year old reality star opened up on how she had the fillers dissolved after watching herself back on the 2021 edition of the ITV2 dating show.

While in the villa, Faye had a tough ride but eventually found love with Teddy Soares. Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be and the pair sadly split earlier this year.

Reflecting on her time on the show, Faye said on the Saving Grace podcast that she was serving "a whole lot of lip".

She added: “When people say to me, ‘well you obviously saw how big your lips were’, you don’t. And then I saw myself, and I was like ‘yo’!”

After leaving the villa, Faye had her filler removed – but her lips began to sag ‘so badly’.

She added: “No-one warned me. I'd just been on Love Island and everyone was like 'you need to be on your stories, but I couldn't'.

"So then I got a millimetre put back in, about 18 months ago, and now I've not had any filler put back in."

Faye also opened up on her split from ex-boyfriend Teddy – describing the break-up as a "crazy time".

Faye announced that she and Teddy had called it quits in February, after rumours of a split had been swirling for months.

She later told fans she had moved out of the house they had shared and moved back to Devon.

Recalling this time on the podcast, Faye claimed she was "turfed out" of the house amid the split.

It comes after Faye told how, although she was the one to call time on the relationship, it wasn't her decision to leave the home.

Her claim that she was "turfed out" comes after Teddy said he felt like he "had a voice again” following the split.

Elsewhere this week, Faye was compared to a Greek goddess as she posed for stunning photos taken on the beach during her luxury holiday to Crete.

She had jetted off to the idyllic village of Milatos and seemed to be enjoying the sunshine and relaxing environment.

Taking to her Instagram, she shared three gorgeous snaps from the beach at the Radisson Blu Beach Resort, wearing a chic white bikini with a cropped shirt and a statement beach hat and sunglasses.

"Grateful for all I have and everyone I get to share it with," she wrote.

Also this week, Faye described how she had endured a rough day when her luxury Range Rover was damaged by a cable with a metal hook on it, which Faye is understood to have driven over.


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