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Luann de Lesseps is slamming her former assistant, Danny Marin, for stirring the pot on social media with negative accusations about the reality star amid the coronavirus crisis.

“It’s utterly disgusting that a disgruntled ex-employee would take swipes at me during a global pandemic,” de Lesseps, 54, exclusively told Page Six on Wednesday. “His timing here speaks volumes considering its been a year since he last worked for me and with the premiere of ‘RHONY’ Season 12 coming up.”

Marin defended his choice to speak out publicly this week, telling Page Six, “In a world where sobriety and mental health are at the forefront of everyone’s minds during this quarantine due to this pandemic, it’s important to hold ‘celebrities’ responsible for their actions.”

On Tuesday, Marin called the Countess out on his Instagram, posting a video of him feeding the “Real Housewives of New York” star the lyrics to her “Feelin’ Jovani” single while on the set of her music video, and claiming she never gave him credit for it.

“FUN FACT: I was the only reason why #countessluann knew her lyrics while filming her music video, got dressed in time, had jewelry on, had multiple shoe options, wrangled her Housewife friends,” he wrote. “OH YEAH THAT’S RIGHT, but I didn’t get a credit helping for 18 hours straight filming the #FeelinJovani music video.”

Marin also appeared to imply that de Lesseps may have been drinking while on probation. The “RHONY” had reportedly given up alcohol after she was arrested in December 2017 for disorderly intoxication.

In January, she admitted to “drinking responsibly” only after her probation ended.

“All I want to say is sobriety is not a game,” Marin responded to a fan’s question about the Countess’ drinking, without actually confirming or denying that de Lesseps ever violated her probation. “Rehab is not a storyline.”

Marin also told us that “addiction is a very serious matter, so watching Luann admit she’s an alcoholic only to turn around and make a mockery of sobriety has caused a lot of damage to a community trying to cope through these trying times. When I worked on her team it was always important that we took the best care of her, made her go to rehab and following the right steps for her health. But soon those requests became about sneaking her drinks and helping her lie.”

The ex-employee claimed on Instagram he was never fired, and reiterated to us that he quit “about a year ago after multiple incidents of having to remain compliant for my job.”

“I finally broke my silence about this after viewing the recent preview to the upcoming season of ‘RHONY’ where she openly drinks on the show,” he continued in a statement to Page Six. “The fact of the matter is she isn’t not above the law and should have always been held accountable for breaking those laws the same way as anybody else.  If she wants to have an open dialogue about her journey with recovery, then I think she should hold herself accountable for the good and the bad, not just what airs on a television show. She is the voice of an entire group of people watching her journey with recovery with the spotlight she has been given. I hope Luann can actively seek the help she needs and can be an advocate for the real work of sobriety.”

De Lesseps and Marin were last pictured together on his Instagram in May 2019. He captioned the photo, “Countess and Fr-amily.”

On social media, people questioned why Marin decided to bring up that he essentially worked as a “PA,” or production assistant, on set as if it were “tea.”

“I didn’t get credit along with every other person who helped on set that day,” he responded. “The tea here is she doesn’t respect people’s hard work.” He did not disclose whether he was seeking financial compensation or simply public recognition.

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