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Melissa Rivers Injures Her Leg in Ski Accident

Feb 10, 2020

The former ‘Fashion Police’ host has to be rescued by ski patrol after having ‘a bad moment’ while hitting the slopes, leaving her with a brace on her left leg.

AceShowbizMelissa Rivers has been involved in a ski accident. On the day the attention went to the 92nd annual Academy Awards, the former co-host of “Fashion Police” shared on social media that she has injured her leg while hitting the slopes.

On Sunday, February 9, the only child of late TV host Joan Rivers uploaded a clip of ski patrol assisiting her following a bad fall. In the background of the video, she could be heard saying, “These are my new friends, ski patrol. This sucks, this sucks.” One of the emergency personnel, in return, assured her, “It could be worse.”

In the same Instagram post, the 52-year-old additionally shared a photo from what seemed to be a hospital room. It captured her left leg being put in a brace while still sporting a ski boot. As to emphasize how untimely her injury was, she captioned the post simply with a face-palm emoji.

One of her followers initially thought it was Melissa’s 19-year-old son, Edgar Cooper Endicott, who hurt himself. She, however, was quick to clarify, “Not Cooper thank God! But me!” Other users sent her well wishes. One wrote to her, “Ands that’s why I don’t ski! Hope your feeling better!!!” Another one jokingly commented, “Oh no. Don’t tell us you won an Oscar for this. Hope you’re ok.”

One person questioned if it was her son who hurt himself.

Meanwhile, one person confided her/his own experience.

Another user responded to her incident news.

A representative has assured that Melissa did not suffer serious injury from the fall. To ET Online, the rep noted that she didn’t break any bones and is a skilled skier who happened to have a bad moment. Accordingly, she is expected to go to the doctor on Monday, February 10, and has not canceled her scheduled appearance for Oscars fashion talks.

Melissa herself has shared her two cents over the previous best and worst dressed on the red carpet of the Oscars ahead of the big event. Making use of her Twitter handle, she reminded people of Rachel Weisz‘s mishap by wearing red latex top to the 2019 prizegiving, and Cate Blanchett‘s shining moment in a Givenchy dress for the 2011 show.

The alum of “The Celebrity Apprentice” later invited her followers to “discuss best and worst dressed at the Oscars this year”. In her last tweet of the day, she wrote, “Head over to my IG story and let me know your thoughts on the red carpet looks! #Oscars.”

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