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Miranda McKeon, 19, Has Her Eggs Frozen as She Undergoes Chemotherapy to Fight Breast Cancer

Jul 15, 2021

The former ‘Anne with an E’ star reveals she has frozen her eggs in case chemotherapy robs her the chance to become a mother following breast cancer diagnosis.

AceShowbiz -Teen actress Miranda McKeon has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

The former “Anne with an E” star has opened up to People, revealing she discovered she was battling cancer after finding a lump on her breast during a vacation with friends.

“I’m making it my job to find the beauty in all of this,” the 19 year old says. “I wouldn’t have chosen this, I didn’t choose this, I don’t think anyone would choose this. But I’m making it my job to try and pull something out of this.”

The diagnosis was such a shock, Miranda has frozen her eggs just in case cancer treatment robs her of the chance to become a mum one day.

“It’s a safety net,” she says. “I’ll probably be able to have kids naturally on my own, and hopefully they’ll just be donated to science in however many years, but we’ll see.”

Miranda has also shared her news with fans on Instagram, detailing her first day of chemotherapy.

“There were a few bumps in the road with treatment being pushed back a day but the deed has been done and I currently have my first cocktail of AC chemo circulating through my body,” she writes. “It has been an emotional 2 days. Yesterday’s delay dropped my stomach to the floor as I had been mentally preparing for the day for weeks only to find out that it was being moved back 24hrs.”

“BUT, my friends surprised me at dinner, surrounded me with love when I felt so broken, and my mental state did a 180. Everyone has been telling me it’s gonna be a rollercoaster but yesterday was the first time I had really felt everything all in one day. The sensation of being so low and so high at the same time is somewhat inexplicable. I’m overflowing with gratitude and simultaneously feeling gut wrenching loss as I begin what is going to be a hard few months.”

“Regardless, the relief I was longing for with starting treatment has me doing an internal (and external) happy dance. Hoping my upcoming chemo side affects don’t rain on my parade.”

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