Myles Garrett was one cool hombre after getting sucker punched in the face by a fan in the street — which you can clearly see here in the body cam footage and 911 call on the day of.

TMZ Sports obtained the footage from the scene after the Browns defensive end had been socked by a dude in the streets of Cleveland, and it’s clear he wasn’t rattled or even all that injured. Myles just wanted it taken care of, so he filed the necessary report.

In the body cam footage from the responding officers, you see Myles explain what exactly happened. From his words, it sounds like a dude — whom cops later ID’d as a suspect named Richard Perez based on license plate info — tricked Myles into a street side photo-op.

Myles tells the officers that he was in the middle lane on the phone with someone, when he noticed somebody in another vehicle next to him waving their phone at him in what he took as wanting to take a pic with him.

He eventually obliged once he was done with his own phone convo. Myles says he cracked his window just enough so the man could get a clear shot, but as soon as he did the man snapped away

We also got a hold of the 911 call Myles placed right afterward, and again … the guy sounds stoic and matter-of-factly. A testament to his toughness for sure … we doubt most folks in that sitch would be nearly as collected as Myles is here in both scenarios.

Cops were on the lookout for this Perez fella last week, but it’s unclear if any arrests have been made at this point. If they do nab him, he’ll have an assault charge waiting.

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