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Nick Cannon welcomed his seventh child, Zen, with girlfriend Alyssa Scott, last week. Zen is Nick’s third child in the last month and fourth child in the last year. Many people have been observing Nick’s pattern of procreating and have raised concerns. And rightly so. Just by looking at the several babies he has had in the last year, you’d notice how messy the situation is as all of the women’s pregnancies overlapped. The City Girls were on Nick’s Power 106 LA radio show. Nick asked JT if she had any advice for him and she told him to “wrap it up” and protect himself. Nick said that he was having “these babies on purpose” and that he could have gotten many women pregnant but didn’t. Eww, ok. Below are a few more highlights via People:

“I don’t have no accident,” said Cannon, who appears to have become a dad to his seventh child, his fourth baby in a year, with model Alyssa Scott. The new mom, who appeared to confirm that she was expecting a son with Cannon on Father’s Day when she shared a photo of him and her baby bump, and she recently announced that she welcomed her baby boy on June 23.

“Trust me there’s a lot of people that I could’ve gotten pregnant that I didn’t,” Cannon said on Wednesday. “The ones that got pregnant are the ones that were supposed to get pregnant.”

Earlier in the show, Cannon compared his pattern of welcoming offspring to that of a seahorse, saying, “I’m like a seahorse out here. That’s just the way I’m procreating.”

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Listen, I don’t even know what to say. The fact that he compared himself to a seahorse is a lot. Bruh, you aren’t carrying the babies and I bet Nick isn’t the parent they see the most. So no Nick, you are not procreating like a seahorse. I am not sure if Nick meant his admission of “there’s a lot of people that could’ve gotten pregnant” as a boast, but it didn’t hit like he thought it did. It just makes him look worse. I don’t judge people and their choices but as someone who grew up in a single parent home around a whole lot of kids from single parent homes, I would not wish that intentional upbringing on anyone. It is hard and the mostly single-mothers suffer not having the support that is needed. Nick’s children deserve better. I am not sure why Nick thinks it is a good idea to impregnate this many women and I also don’t understand why he isn’t protecting himself from STIs if he is having all the sex with all the women. It is very frustrating to see this sort of irresponsible behavior from all parties involved. The only people who will truly suffer if this goes south are the kids. I do hope Nick comes back to himself and is more responsible at least for his children’s sake. I also hope that Nick has a financial plan and a strategy for spending quality time with his kids. In the mean time, I need the women he is sleeping with to make him wear a condom.

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