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Nile Rodgers recalls nightmare concert with fans booing in Hyde Park

Feb 25, 2023

Party at the Palace: Duran Duran perform with Nile Rodgers

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Nile Rodgers, 70, has worked with some of the biggest names in music including Madonna, Diana Ross and David Bowie. However, things have not always run smoothly for the performer, with him recalling to Express.co.uk his Hyde Park gig that resulted in fans “booing” his band Chic.

People started booing us! 

Nile Rodgers

Nile performed alongside Chic in 2015 at Hyde Park’s BST festival, with Kylie Minogue headlining the gig.

While speaking about what fun he has on stage, Nile recalled exclusively to Express.co.uk the 2015 gig, which left him questioning his own talent.

He said: “We have so much fun because we’re not afraid of failure.

“We played a concert in Hyde Park a few years ago and it was like the hottest day of the year, and it blew out the sound system!

“But we didn’t know that, because our monitor system was functioning because it was covered. Yeah, and people started booing us!”

He then remarked that he thought “Kylie must be amazing” if his performance was being booed.

Nile continued: “This is no offence to Kylie as I think she is the coolest and kindest person I’ve worked with.

“But when people started booing us, we were killing it! I was thinking, ‘Kylie must be amazing’.

“But I didn’t realise that the sound system had cut out and they were booing us because they couldn’t hear us.

“So when the promoter came over to me to try and explain, I realised that one microphone was working, and it was really just because my amplifier was pointed out to the people.

“I put the microphone in front of my amp and just started jamming until they fixed the sound!”

Nile has been sober for 28 years after nearly dying from drug and alcohol abuse while also facing two harsh cancer battles in his life.

He was first diagnosed with “aggressive”‘ prostate cancer in 2010 but after undergoing treatment, was given the all-clear three years later.

However, just four years later, he was diagnosed with kidney cancer, which was cured surgically.

The star remains positive and admitted he has no intention to take a step back from his successful music career.

Nile is currently promoting his most recent project, the Make It With Nile YouTube docuseries, where Samsung has partnered with the music legend to uncover new ways music is being made today.

In the docuseries, Nile is seen working in the studio with TikTok sensations ALTÉGO, Armani White, INJI and Dréya Mac.

He chats to the creatives about making it in music and how it’s changed over the years thanks to advances in smartphone technology, platforms like TikTok, and opportunities like StemDrop.

Speaking on the project, Nile said: “I think it’s great, any form of reaching the public to me is fantastic.

You can watch ‘Make It With Nile’ series now on @SamsungUK YouTube channel

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