Noah Centineo is opening up about one of his hairstyle aspirations!

On a new episode of The Late Late Show, the 24-year-old was asked about his hair, which has seen quite a few different styles.

“I’m loving this hair!” host James Corden said. “When did this happen? Is this a quarantine hair? This is a choice?”

“Thank you. No, no, this weirdly has nothing to do with quarantine and everything to do with me being unemployed. More than anything,” Noah responded. “I have this secret aspiration where I actually want to be able to do a man bun ’cause I’ve never done it before.”

Now, Noah isn’t entirely unemployed, as he does have the Black Adam movie in the works, where he will star as Al Rothstein/Atom Smasher, alongside Dwayne Johnson.

He also is said to be attached to star in a new movie about the Game Stop/stock market drama.

Noah just currently is not working on anything as the pandemic continues to shake up production schedules.

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